3 Reasons to Attend a Sporting Event

3 Reasons to Attend a Sporting Event

Making plans for this summer's exciting adventures? Trust us when we say you MUST add attending a sporting event to the list! Whether you enjoy watching sports or not, it's really not about the sport itself. It's about the experience of going - what's even better is that no two events create the same experience! 

Besides making unique and fun memories with friends and family, Traveling Breeze has come up with three other fantastic reasons to attend a sporting event this summer: 

Great Networking & Socializing Opportunities

There's no better place to meet new people with similar interests as you than at a sporting event. Spirits are high, everyone is smiling and having a great time, and nobody is a stranger. Whether you're hitting up the game with family and friends, or attending with a group of coworkers, you're sure to meet some new friends - and even possibly some new business acquaintances! 

Tailgating with Friends

Who doesn't enjoy pre-game tailgating! Most people will agree that the pre-party is the best party of going to any game. Picture yourself sitting in your Breezy Buddy Fan-Cooling Camp Chair outside the venue with all of your friends grilling out, sipping on something cold and getting pumped up about the game. There's sure to be some competitive pre-game activities and maybe even a little bit of banter while you wait for game time to begin that will create lasting memories! 

True Team Spirit Experience

You don't know true Team Spirit until you've experienced a live game at the field. Unlike when watching the game from home or at a local sports bar, the game truly comes alive at the field. Fans get involved and into the game like you've never seen before! Caution: the Team Spirit bug does bite and is contagious! Chances are, you'll have had so much fun, that when you leave the game your hands will hurt from clapping, your mouth will hurt from smiling and laughing, and your throat will be sore because you were hollering along with the rest of the fans over some of the best plays you've ever seen! 

Now, if these three reasons to attend a sporting event don't convince you, we don't know what will. What we do know though, is that whether you're at the game in person or watching the game from home and barbequing outdoors with friends, as long as you've got your Breezy Buddy Fan-Cooling Camp Chair you'll stay cool and comfortable while rooting for your favorite team! Don't forget that Mother's Day and Father's Day are quickly approaching - the Breezy Buddy Fan-Cooling Camp Chair makes a great gift for parents to take along to their kids sporting events too!

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