7 Menopause Facts You Didn't Know

7 Menopause Facts You Didn't Know

Menopause is the time in a woman's life when they experience some pretty substantial hormonal changes. While it isn't generally a time in life women look forward to, the good news is that this transition really can be a time of empowerment. Traveling Breeze wants to help with this transition by helping to better understand the change. Here are some facts about menopause that you may not have been aware of: 

You May Experience Symptoms Beforehand.

Typically, the average onset of menopause hits around the age of 50. However, estrogen levels can begin to fluctuate in your thirties or forties. This is known as perimenopause. During this time, your ovaries start to produce less estrogen and progesterone, and release less eggs. The most common sign is irregular periods. 

Menopause Leads to Bone Loss.

Due to the loss of estrogen, women may experience as much as a 20 percent drop in bone density in the five to seven years after menopause. This makes postmenopausal women more at risk for osteoporosis and fractures. 

Risk for Heart Disease Rises.

Before menopause, women typically have a lower risk of heart disease than men do. However, the risks increase after the onset of menopause due to the decline in estrogen levels. Estrogen is believed to have a positive effect on the inner layer of artery wall, helping to keep blood vessels flexible. That means they can relax and expand to accommodate blood flow.

You May Experience Irregular Heartbeats.

While in the perimenopausal period, many women can experience heart palpitations. Palpitations are irregular heartbeats that can include skipped beats, extra beats, and a racing heart. In some women, these palpitations could indicate a heart problem, but in others it's due to hormonal fluxes. Palpitations often go away after several months, but even they can recur from time to time.

Your "Bad" Cholesterol May Go Up.

Cholesterol levels increase as we age, however for women it's extremely important to track your cholesterol levels regularly during menopause and postmenopause. Once your estrogen levels start to decrease your LDL (bad) cholesterol begins to rise, which alters the quality of HDL (good) cholesterol and increases the risk of atherosclerosis. 

Your Skin May Become Dry. 

As estrogen levels drop, so does oil production in your skin. This causes excess dryness that can lead to a flaky complexion. Use a heavier-duty moisturizer or even a facial oil. In addition to using a richer, more hydrating facial cream or oil, it's crucial to keep yourself hydrated from the inside out. Drinking lots of water really does add moisture to dry skin.

Hair Loss or Thinning May Occur. 

Thinning hair, and even hair loss, is another symptom of menopause. Hair can also become dry and brittle due to the fluctuating hormones causing overall dryness in the body. It's best to use mild shampoos and conditioners formulated to treat dry hair and avoid chemical treatments that can further weaken strands.

Here's the Bottom Line.

Menopause is a natural part of a woman’s life cycle. It’s a time when your estrogen and progesterone levels decrease. Following menopause, your risk for certain conditions like osteoporosis or cardiovascular disease may increase. The best way to manage symptoms and prevent the possible health risks associated with menopause is to take care of yourself - eat healthy, exercise regularly, and always remember to be good to yourself. And trust the doctor recommended Breezy Buddy Fan-Cooling Pillow to help fight off the hot flashes. Embrace the change and take this time to empower yourself and discover a new you!

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