Menopausal Super Heroes


One of my professors once told me that going through menopause felt like she was on a quest for super powers but the super powers never came. She went through the Spider Man like fever and illness but did not wake up the next day ripped and able to climb all the things. 

So I started to think, what would it be like if they did? What would it be like if hot flashes were a super power? What if the change of life was changing into a crime fighting BA?

The list below will help you explore that question and hopefully provide some Super Hero fantasies of your own. 

Created by actress Wendy Anderson, this one made me laugh so much and as a geeky woman identify so hard with her. This was one of the first things I found when I started researching and it makes me wish the series were longer. 


This is the first of a series of books by Samantha Bryant that follows a group of women who seem to have nothing in common, well aside from the weird changes happening in their body that seem to include the development of super powers. Check out her author page on amazon for more details.



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  • Amanda Grincavich
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