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Ways to Celebrate the 4th of July Weekend

Ways to Celebrate the 4th of July Weekend 0

Independence Day is nearly here, and since this year it falls on a Tuesday, for many people this means an extended holiday weekend! What will you do with all that extra free time? If you don't have plans, don't worry. Traveling Breeze has some great suggestions that everyone will enjoy!

Plan a Family Get-Together

What better way to celebrate the holiday than a good old fashioned family gathering! Get everyone together, cook up some tasty barbecue, and play some fun competitive yard games. Sit out on your patio in your Breezy Buddy Fan-Cooling Camp Chair and catch up with relatives. Put up the volleyball net and team up guys against ladies - losers have to clean up at the end of the evening!

Spend the Day in the Pool

While most of the fun will be at night when the skies light up in beautiful color, you'll still be needing something to pass the time during the day. And it's looking like its going to be a pretty warm weekend. Take a dip in the pool or go boating to stay cool and pass the time before the fireworks shows start. A little game of Marco Polo may be in order if you've got little ones to entertain!

Pack Up and Go Camping

Get your camping gear together and head out for a weekend in the wilderness! Relax in the quiet of the woods or spend the weekend fishing for bass. Use this time to bond with your family or friends, and to reflect on and celebrate the holiday. Make sure to bring your Breezy Buddy Fan-Cooling Camp Chair to keep you cool by the campfire. 

Check Out a Local 4th of July Festival

Every year, communities all over come together to put on some of the best festivals and parades around for Independence Day. Get online or contact your local area chamber or visitor center and see what awesome festivals and parades are taking place near you! There's bound to be an entire day's worth of great times, great food, and awesome fireworks displays to take in that the entire family will enjoy!

Visit the Big City to Watch Fireworks

While your local town or city may be hosting a very nice fireworks display, there's something about going to a large metropolitan area that REALLY brings out the biggest and best fireworks displays you can find. Take the family on a road trip and find the largest fireworks show you can find! Your family will be talking about the "best fireworks ever" for a long time to come. What's even cooler is on your way back home, you're likely to continue to see fireworks being shot off the whole drive back! 

Whether you choose to host a 4th of July celebration at your own home, or decide to check out the bigger fireworks in the city, make this year's Independence Day celebration a memorable one for the entire family!

Don't forget to bring your Breezy Buddy Fan-Cooling Camp Chair or Breezy Buddy Fan-Cooling Pillow to keep you and your family cool in the hot summer heat while you're enjoying the fireworks!

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Tips for Keeping Cool this Summer

Tips for Keeping Cool this Summer 0

We love summer just as much as the next person! With all the activities that are bound to be a great time with family and friends, we just know this summer's going to be an epic one! The only thing we're not looking forward to is the sweltering heat. Sweating and being uncomfortable when it's hot out is no fun. That's why this week, Traveling Breeze has come up with some super simple tips to keep you cool this summer!

Drink Plenty of Water

Water has a large heat capacity which helps limit changes in body temperature in a warm or a cold environment. Water enables the body to release heat when ambient temperature is higher than body temperature. When our body temperature begins to rise, we begin to sweat, and the evaporation of water from the skin surface cools the body very efficiently. However, if you do not intake enough water, your body could become dehydrated making your metabolism have to work harder to maintain a comfortable body temperature. When your metabolism has to work harder, it burns energy that causes raised temperatures. 

Wear Light Clothing

Studies have shown that dark clothing absorbs light and draws in heat, while lighter colors reflect it. The more heat that is absorbed, the hotter the clothing is and the hotter you become. Not only does color matter, but the material makes a difference too. Wearing cotton, linen, or synthetic blends can help keep you cooler when it's hot because they're more breathable materials. 

Eat Small Meals Regularly

A large, hot and filling meal can be the last thing we fancy when it’s a hot day, but for some, food is food no matter what the weather! To stay a little cooler during the summer, try to eat a little less and opt for refreshing salads or juicy fruits. The larger the meal you eat and the higher the protein levels, the more metabolic heat your body produces trying to break the food down. This increases your temperature so go for small, light meals to stay cool this summer.

Take it Easy

It’s hot outside so it goes without saying to avoid doing lots of strenuous activity. Exercise and strenuous activity during the heat of the day can leave you feeling dehydrated, as well as increasingly the likelihood you probably won’t be performing at your best. Instead, relax or opt for some exercise which involves the heat and summer such as swimming.

Get a Breezy Buddy

No matter what you do this summer, make sure you've got your Breezy Buddy with you to keep you cool! Whether you're barbecuing in the backyard with your Breezy Buddy Fan-Cooling Camp Chair, or reading a good book indoors with your Breezy Buddy Fan-Cooling Pillow, you'll appreciate the cool breeze your Breezy Buddy provides even on the hottest of days!

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Road Trip the Midwest

Road Trip the Midwest 0

If you're tired of the doing the same old thing every weekend, maybe it's time for a change. This summer add some new scenery into your plans and road trip the Midwest! Traveling Breeze has some great suggestions of places to check out throughout the Midwest that boast outdoor fun and unforgettable experiences - take a look!

Lake of the Ozarks This central Missouri destination appeals to outdoor-lovers. The reservoir calls for days on the water. On shore, two state parks (Lake of the Ozarks and Ha Ha Tonka) provide the perfect terrain for hiking, biking and horseback riding.

Starved Rock State Park This remarkable pocket of land 90 miles southwest of Chicago, Illinois includes 18 sandstone canyons; 14 waterfalls, including some that freeze into glittering walls in winter; and abundant wildlife and birds.

Cuyahoga Valley National Park A greenbelt glimmers in northeast Ohio: 33,000 acres all but hidden along the bustling industrial corridor linking Cleveland and Akron. Blue Hen Falls is a favorite stop for photo ops.

Badlands National Park Prairie and rolling hills lining Interstate-90 give way to rugged, otherworldly outcroppings about an hour east of Rapid City, South Dakota. Get out and see the geologic maze at almost a dozen stops along the 31-mile Badlands Loop Road.

Theodore Roosevelt National Park Explore some 70,000 acres of painted canyons and grassy trails along the western edge of North Dakota. The busier South Unit Visitor Center has a museum and theater. Look for bison and prairie dogs in the more isolated North Unit.

Lake McConaughy From nature walks to paint nights, there’s no shortage of things to do this summer with naturalist led activities at Lake McConaughy. Pack your swimsuit for a trip to Nebraska’s largest reservoir. Numerous campgrounds, wildlife areas and an estimated 100 miles of beach make this a no-brainer for families.

Apostle Islands National Lakeshore and Bayfield The crashing of Lake Superior waves carves caves and arches from the stone bluffs outside the small town of Bayfield, Wisconsin. Take a guided kayak tour to the caves on the mainland. Hike out into the sunny berry fields and apple orchards to pick your own sweet, juicy bounty. Or just drink in the wide, soul-restoring vistas of the Big Lake before turning in at one of the many charming cabins and cottages.

Now you have 7 suggestions of places to check out in the Midwest that is bound to make for a great road trip experience. So grab your closest friends, pack your bags, camp gear, and coolers and hit the road. Don't forget to bring along your Breezy Buddy Fan-Cooling Camp Chair - you'll be needing it to keep you cool along the way during your stops! 

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7 Menopause Facts You Didn't Know

7 Menopause Facts You Didn't Know 0

Menopause is the time in a woman's life when they experience some pretty substantial hormonal changes. While it isn't generally a time in life women look forward to, the good news is that this transition really can be a time of empowerment. Traveling Breeze wants to help with this transition by helping to better understand the change. Here are some facts about menopause that you may not have been aware of: 

You May Experience Symptoms Beforehand.

Typically, the average onset of menopause hits around the age of 50. However, estrogen levels can begin to fluctuate in your thirties or forties. This is known as perimenopause. During this time, your ovaries start to produce less estrogen and progesterone, and release less eggs. The most common sign is irregular periods. 

Menopause Leads to Bone Loss.

Due to the loss of estrogen, women may experience as much as a 20 percent drop in bone density in the five to seven years after menopause. This makes postmenopausal women more at risk for osteoporosis and fractures. 

Risk for Heart Disease Rises.

Before menopause, women typically have a lower risk of heart disease than men do. However, the risks increase after the onset of menopause due to the decline in estrogen levels. Estrogen is believed to have a positive effect on the inner layer of artery wall, helping to keep blood vessels flexible. That means they can relax and expand to accommodate blood flow.

You May Experience Irregular Heartbeats.

While in the perimenopausal period, many women can experience heart palpitations. Palpitations are irregular heartbeats that can include skipped beats, extra beats, and a racing heart. In some women, these palpitations could indicate a heart problem, but in others it's due to hormonal fluxes. Palpitations often go away after several months, but even they can recur from time to time.

Your "Bad" Cholesterol May Go Up.

Cholesterol levels increase as we age, however for women it's extremely important to track your cholesterol levels regularly during menopause and postmenopause. Once your estrogen levels start to decrease your LDL (bad) cholesterol begins to rise, which alters the quality of HDL (good) cholesterol and increases the risk of atherosclerosis. 

Your Skin May Become Dry. 

As estrogen levels drop, so does oil production in your skin. This causes excess dryness that can lead to a flaky complexion. Use a heavier-duty moisturizer or even a facial oil. In addition to using a richer, more hydrating facial cream or oil, it's crucial to keep yourself hydrated from the inside out. Drinking lots of water really does add moisture to dry skin.

Hair Loss or Thinning May Occur. 

Thinning hair, and even hair loss, is another symptom of menopause. Hair can also become dry and brittle due to the fluctuating hormones causing overall dryness in the body. It's best to use mild shampoos and conditioners formulated to treat dry hair and avoid chemical treatments that can further weaken strands.

Here's the Bottom Line.

Menopause is a natural part of a woman’s life cycle. It’s a time when your estrogen and progesterone levels decrease. Following menopause, your risk for certain conditions like osteoporosis or cardiovascular disease may increase. The best way to manage symptoms and prevent the possible health risks associated with menopause is to take care of yourself - eat healthy, exercise regularly, and always remember to be good to yourself. And trust the doctor recommended Breezy Buddy Fan-Cooling Pillow to help fight off the hot flashes. Embrace the change and take this time to empower yourself and discover a new you!

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Plan Ahead For Your Next Camping Trip

Plan Ahead For Your Next Camping Trip 0

Summertime is here and it's time to start planning your next camping trip! Camping is one of life's joys, but it requires some preparation. Whether you're camping with family, friends, or on your own, knowing how to plan a camping trip is important. So, before going out on your next adventure, Traveling Breeze has some tips for you to ensure a smooth and fun camping experience!

Envision your ideal camping experience

Knowing how you want to spend your camping trip will help to determine a lot when planning your trip. Do you envision yourself sleeping in a tent or an RV? Do you need to reserve a campsite with RV hookups and amenities or will you be roughing it? What kind of activities are you wanting to do? Consider who you're camping with, and what their expectations are as well. Your ideal camping trip may be a great adventure full of hikes off of beaten paths, living off the land, and sleeping beneath the open sky, but your friends and family may have a more conservative idea of "roughing it" - which includes showers, indoor bathrooms, and close proximity to civilization. 

Plan your menu ahead of time

Sure, this may sound like a silly suggestion, but there's only so much of eating hot dogs and s'mores a person can take before getting burned out on it - especially if you're planning a week long camp trip. Make sure your meal plan has a healthy balance of foods for everyone's taste. You can meal prep some easy and healthy grab-and-go meals that don't require cooking or can be cooked over the campfire to avoid having to pack the entire kitchen. Also plan accordingly to be sure there's enough food to last the entire trip. Don't rely solely on the idea that you're going to be eating fresh caught fish during your trip, because even the best fisherman has their slow days and comes home empty handed.

Make a checklist of gear to pack

In the excitement of starting your camping trip it's easy to run off and leave essential items behind. To avoid this headache, make a list of the things you will need during your excursion. Be sure to pack them the night before you leave and to double check as you're loading up the vehicle. To make this easier, keep your designated camping gear in totes and stored alongside your tents, lanterns, air mattresses, and Breezy Buddy Fan-Cooling Camp Chairs. By having the basic camping stuff already packed, all you'll need to focus on is what doesn't fit in the tote - making your packing time and odds of leaving something behind minimal. 

When it comes to planning a camping trip, there are a lot of details to dial in. A little advanced planning can make the difference between a positive camping experience full of great memories and one that goes down as a “bad time had by all” kind of trip. Plan ahead, be prepared, and have fun!

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