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Traveling Breeze Cooling Chair Review …www.tailgating-challenge.com
We all love tailgating, but let’s be honest sometimes it gets hot at the big game and I mean really hot. If I told you there was a tailgating chair designed to cool you off would you be interested? Well we were and Traveling Breeze hooked us up with a sample cooling chair.


The Traveling Breeze chair has 2 fans that are battery powered to blow cool air on your back and neck area for up to three hours. There is also a mesh bottom to allow extra breathability in muggy conditions. There is 1 built in cup holder and a storage compartment/flap to hold your cell phone or other tailgating goodies.

PROS: 2 built in fans for cooling, mesh bottom, storage compartment, Fans are pretty quiet when in use. Light Weight: only 13 pounds. IT REALLY DOES COOL YOU OFF!

CONS: another cup holder on the other arm would be nice, Increased battery life for those all day tailgates(currently 3 hours). The ability to have your team logo on the chair would make this perfect.

Overall, this is an awesome idea, that really works. If you are hot-natured like I am, then I’d suggest checking out the Traveling Breeze Cooling Chair. If they get the Team logos in the future this will be perfect, but given how unique the idea is and that it actually works we are giving this the Tailgating Challenge Stamp of Approval.

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Sweat-er Weather? 0

“For some reason I sweat a lot even with the air conditioner on. This chair is just great. It really cools me down. I wouldn’t mine having another one to put in another room...
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Review of the Sports Fan Chair from Durango 0

We recently went camping in Durango, CO and had the best time! We moved to Colorado 5 years ago and have spent many of our vacations just checking out the local cities around us. This year we chose Durango. I was so happy I brought along my Traveling Breeze chair. We are accustomed to fantastic weather even in the summer in Colorado but I wasn’t prepared that Durango was a little warmer than we are used to. All my southern friends would laugh because it never got over 90 but it was hotter than our usual 70 degree weather.
The Traveling Breeze chair comes with a fan in the back so you stay cool during the hot summer months. My sister is a baseball mom of her 2 twin boys and I thought this chair would be fantastic for her on the long baseball games in Louisisana!
My kids loved it so much, they kept stealing my seat!”


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Talking Airflow with Dave Is Great Theatre 0

Perhaps you could watch it and make my mother happy?

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Not MY Perspiration! 0

Big and Happy Times!

Looking for a good time?   Try this on for size!


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