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Try the Breezy Buddy Cooling Pillow for Hot Flash Relief ... Risk Free!
"IT REALLY WORKS!! ... and well! Very pleased with the nice cool air I get on my head and neck. Love it!"
Carolyn B. Tulsa, OK
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Breezy Buddy Cooling Pillow is Relieving for Hot Flashes ... Indoors and Out

"This pillow is great!!! I use it nightly for my 'personal summer' moments!! It’s so relieving!! I’m also using it outside by the pool!!"
Sasha S. Ocala, FL
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Hot Flash Relief is Here

Breezy Buddy has your back wherever you go.

This cooling pillow achieves comfort on a level not usually known when trying to treat hot flashes.

Ultra-quiet fans and soft plush fabric work together to provide the ultimate relaxation.
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Stop Being Miserable with Hot Flashes
OB/GYN Physicians Recommend the Breezy Buddy

BEFORE YOU START a prescription program for menopause,
try the Breezy Buddy Fan-Cooling Pillow for hot flash relief.
Get Hot Flashes Under Control

“My new best friend! If you have hot flashes, this works great!! Sitting watching TV, I have multiple hot flashes. I love it!”
Joanne K. Austin, TX

Breezy Buddy Cooling Pillow is Great for the Outdoors

“I can't believe I didn't find this gem sooner, and you guys are in my back yard!!! Thank you so much!”
Ana Marie F. Wildwood, MO