What Customers Are Saying About Our Cooling Chairs & Cooling Pillows

My fan-fooled pillow showed up yesterday and I already love it! Works exactly as advertised. Super portable and keeps me cool. Fans are nice and quiet. Perfect for shutting off the A/C and staying cool.”
My new best friend! If you have hot flashes, this works great!! Sitting watching TV, I have multiple hot flashes. I love it!"
“Great little pillow for “hot mamas” This is such a wonderful idea for someone with hot flashes! As soon as I feel one coming on I just pop this little pillow behind my neck and I instantly feel some relief. Wish I had purchased another one to take to work!”
"With sustained daily high temps here in the 90’s, this chair with it’s cooling capabilities provided some welcome relief. Have not had it long enough to comment on it’s durability but the chair is comfortable. The cooling fans work as advertised.... I’m glad I purchased this chair.”