2 Pack - Breezy Buddy Chair Combo - Buy Two and Save!

Product Description
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Two pack of the Breezy Buddy Fan-Cooled Chairs 

Includes 2 Breezy Buddy Fan-Cooled Chairs, 2 disposable battery holders and 2 USB adapter cables.

The Breezy Buddy Fan-Cooling Camp Chair wicks away sweat and moisture, making you feel cooler instantly!

Watch the Breezy Buddy Fan Cooled Chair Air Flow Demonstration Video


Ideal for backyard use during hot summer months, camp sites, and sporting events on hot days. This chair helps you keep your COOL!

Breezy Buddy fan cooling sports chairs use evaporative cooling technology (cools air through the evaporation of water) to keep you cool. Where does the water come from? Your Body! Perspiration is your body's way of evacuating the heat that builds up inside.

Two fans blow quietly across your back and neck, breezing our your shoulders and head to provide instant cooling by wicking away sweat and moisture.


The Breezy Buddy was picked as one of Summer's Best by Today Show and Gadget Guru, Steve Greenberg!  

The Breezy Buddy cooling chair is a USB powered, low voltage fan-cooling Chair.  It holds up to 300 lbs. Its premium, heavy-duty construction ensures it is built to last.

The Breezy Buddy fan-cooled sports chair includes:

  • Patented cooling technology
  • 6-volt fan unit for convenient power options
  • Mesh seat to increase air flow and promote cooling
  • USB Adapter
  • D-Cell Battery Holder
  • Handy Carrying Bag
  • Mesh side pocket and cup holder
  • Convenient On/Off switch
  • (batteries are not included)

Our patented, fan-cooled sport and camping chair is the best of what makes outdoors fun (and keeps you cool). You'll be the envy of your friends, without a doubt!


The lightweight construction and handy carrying bag make a neat and convenient package.  

Keep two handy all the time for the utmost comfort in camping, on the sidelines or at the park.  

You'll be able to handle the outdoors longer and more comfortably than before.  

This cooling chair works great indoors too.  It makes the A/C feel supercharged.

Did you know the use of fans is proven to reduce flying insects near the source?  The Traveling Breeze chair's gentle breeze is just enough to reduce those pesky blood suckers gnawing on your neck.

Targeted air flow reduces hot flash symptoms and improves your quality of life by working instantly to cool you down with a simple flip of a switch.

Our cooling chair can be powered by a standard USB style portable charger, 4 D-Cell batteries, and even a 6v 1.5a solar panel.  Adapters are included, batteries are not.  

No problem. The cooling fans are simply built-in to the chair and are there when you need them. Turn them off when you don't need them.


    It's simple.

    • You'll enjoy more time outdoors
    • You'll be cool camping in the warm weather
    • You'll beat the heat with our 6v fan cooled chair
    • Works indoors too - SUPERCHARGE YOUR A/C!  It's Amazing!

     US PAT. 8,801,091 
    Additional Patents Pending.  


    So How Does It work?

    Breezy Buddy products use evaporative cooling technology (cools air through the evaporation of water) to keep you cool. Where does the water come from? Your Body! Perspiration is your body's way of evacuating the heat that builds up inside
    Your internal thermostat tells your system when it's time to push the heat out of your body. This happens in the form of small water droplets (sweat). When the targeted airflow of the Breezy Buddy runs across the moisture, it accelerates the heat removal process and wicks the heat away faster, helping you feel cooler - immediately.
    Watch these demonstrations using dry ice to produce smoke to track the air flowing through the Breezy Buddy products.
    The use of a simple fan reduces mosquito attraction.
    Research has shown the moving air generated by Breezy Buddy's built-in fans also works as a repellent to annoying bugs like mosquitos. According to The National Institue of Health, “We recommend that fan-generated wind should be pursued as a practical means of protecting humans or pets from mosquitoes in the backyard setting”.
    All Breezy Buddy products are fan-cooled. These fans dilute the carbon monoxide you breathe out. By diluting the carbon monoxide mosquitos are not as attracted to you. Additionally, the breeze from the fans makes it harder for the mosquitos to fly near you.
    The New York Times describes how the use of a fan reduces mosquito attraction.